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If you're anything like me,
you crave freedom...

The ability to do work you love from anywhere, anytime.

But… you’re not sure how to get there.

Maybe you’re stuck in corporate America. Your days are crammed with emails, double-shot coffees, office politics, meetings that could've been emails... all for the same salary, regardless of how hard you work.

Maybe you’re even technically living the dream—you have a decent salary, a title that sounds smooth at cocktail parties, you get a few weeks off per year, and heck, you have free snacks in the break room… but deep down, what looks good on paper no longer feels good in your life.

You want to break free, to start a business, to be your own boss, to create your own schedule… but you’re making decent money, things are technically FINE, and you’re afraid to give that up... even if you’re starting to wonder if this is really all there is to the next 40 years.

You used to dream of making an impact, traveling the world, and having money not to just get by, but to create an incredible life for yourself and your family. You never realized that the dream looked a lot like living on a hamster wheel of wake up, work, repeat. You wonder when brunch or a glass of red wine became the most anticipated part of your week.

You feel stuck. And for someone who craves freedom, that is the worst feeling you can have.


But you're actually closer to freedom than you think.

I have 15+ years experience in content writing, have been commissioned by major brands to write digital marketing curriculums, and created a multiple 6-figure content marketing agency. I've managed content teams for international companies and trained people just like you how to generate 6 figures as a copywriter—even as a new writer.

When I began freelance copywriting, my world changed. Suddenly, I could work from anywhere, create my own schedule, and generate hundreds of dollars per day—even for a few hours of work.

You may feel like, on paper, things are technically FINE. You worked really hard to earn your position, and you're wondering why you suddenly feel stuck. But it's not your fault. You were sold the dream that the key to a successful life was a good salary and a good boss. You just weren't told that you could be your own.

This program takes you step-by-step through the process of learning how to write, get clients, position yourself competitively, create a winning portfolio, and generate 6 figures as a copywriter with total time and location freedom. I've done this from scratch and I can show you how to do the same.

How would it feel to...


  • Charge up to $100 for every hour you work. That means you could easily pocket $200K per year working 40 hour/week OR work half that time and still cash in a cool $100K/year.

  • Have complete ownership over your schedule. Want to take a yoga class midday? Sleep in on weekday mornings? Take afternoons off with your kids? Only take calls on Wednesday... or not at all? You're the boss, so it's completely your choice.

  • Travel the world working from your laptop. Work from coffee shops in Amsterdam, a coworking hub in Bali, next to the pool in Mexico, or even just on your couch in yoga pants. As long as you have a computer and Wifi, you're in business.

  • Create financial independence. Support a side hustle, save for your children's future, create memories around the world, and give back to others in need. Feel the peace of knowing you can easily pick up extra income any time you need it and never have to worry about money again.

  • Be able to completely design your life. Break free from office politics, unnecessary meetings, and 24/7 emails. Work with only the clients you believe in. Get paid to write about the things you already love and read about for fun. Live in fulfillment, creativity, and inspiration while making the impact you are here to make.

I did it, my students are doing it, and you can do it, too.


These students booked $3K copywriting gigs with the course templates, were able to leave their corporate jobs, and used the skills they learned to build better online businesses!

Booking $3K copywriting gig using templates from the course

Giving 2-weeks notice into employer during program

Using skills from the course to build a stronger online business

Finding a mentor who truly cares!

Freelance copywriting is the best thing to learn if you want to make great money working for yourself.

Before finding this program, many of my students thought that the only way to make reliable income or good money was to stay under an employer. They hated the work, but felt it was safer as long as someone else was cutting their paycheck. Then the pandemic hit, and many people realized that their secure job wasn't as reliable as they thought. That the ONLY true security was knowing how to make money—and GOOD money—themselves without relying on a corporation for a paycheck. They never imagined that they could not only replace but SURPASS their corporate income—while working LESS. 

When I was in corporate America, I dreamt of being my own boss but thought I had to come up with a brand new business to leave. However, I found that not only is that the MOST expensive way to do things because you work a TON of hours without pay while trying to figure out what works, but the more successful you become, the more your calendar fills up again with calls, meetings, and deadlines. It's often leaving a 40-hour workweek for an 80-hour workweek.

Then I found freelance copywriting. When you become a freelance copywriter, you have total ownership over your time. You get paid for every single hour you work. You can add or remove clients depending on your goals, schedule meetings only when you're free, and travel the world working from co-working hubs in Buenos Aires, cafes in France, or off the coast in Spain.

I'll be straight with you—it takes commitment to put together work samples and learn how to get clients. But once you get the pieces in place and I show you EXACTLY how to do it, you have everything you need to position yourself, get clients, and find freedom. What's more, you can easily make 6 figures and give YOURSELF a raise whenever you want one. You are in charge of your own destiny.

Content Business Blueprint takes all of the guesswork out of it. You don't have to research how to create contracts, where to find clients, how to build a portfolio, what the latest content marketing strategies are, or how to position yourself to charge premium rates—I teach you everything, step-by-step, answering your questions every step of the way on live coaching calls and providing feedback on your work.


In case we haven't met yet, I'm Jessica Johnson.

I have 15 years of experience in content marketing, have contributed to HuffPost and a variety of other online publications, and am regularly commissioned by brands to write full digital marketing curriculums. I also own a successful content marketing agency, Buzzworthy Content.

After managing content strategy for global companies in corporate America (and a LOT of internal pep talks) I took the leap into entrepreneurship. I used freelance copywriting to support me in building a wellness coaching business. But the more successful my coaching business became, the more I realized I was winding up back where I started—on the phone all day, tied to my calendar, and so exhausted on the weekends that I wanted to recharge under a pile of blankets instead of out making the most of my newfound freedom.

I loved my clients but wondered if there was a way to have the best of ALL parts of the biz. I took a step back and saw the solution in the most unexpected place: my trusty freelance copywriting career. Where the work had always come so easily I hadn't even considered I could focus on it exclusively and replace my corporate income... instantly. AND spend all day writing about the topics and industries I love.

I began focusing on freelance writing as my full-time career. Within months, I had so much work that I had to hire a team of writers. I realized that I DELIGHTED in helping them build their businesses—in mentoring them on how to write, in helping them earn more, in giving them the same time and location freedom I had found.

I wanted to share this feeling with everyone. And that's how this program was born.

Through copywriting, I went from being in back-to-back meetings to working wherever and whenever I chose. I went from having to be 'on' all day to being able to work when I felt inspired. I went from having no reliable income to being able to generate $100/hour—and with no additional emails, messages, or meetings unless I got paid for them.

I was able to travel the world with a carry-on suitcase and my laptop. To eat tapas along the waterfront in Barcelona. To learn the Tango in Argentina. To take a Wednesday off to visit the Alps in Switzerland. I worked out of co-working spaces in Portugal and cozy coffee shops in Belgium. I finally felt inspired, alive, and free.

I believe that anyone who is willing to work hard and chase their dreams should have this same feeling.

Once I found it, I put everything I learned into Content Business Blueprint—the step-by-step path I wish I would've had all along.

That's why I created Content Business Blueprint


So... what is Content Business Blueprint?

Content Business Blueprint is an 8-week LIVE online program that shows you how to become a copywriter, create a portfolio, book clients, and generate 6 figures per year as a copywriter—able to work from anywhere, anytime.

Each week, you'll receive a new step-by-step module to creating the business (and life!) of your dreams, with bite-size training videos, live (optional) weekly Q&A sessions, CUSTOM feedback on your writing, and copy-paste templates you can use to create your portfolio and secure your first paying clients. 

The truth is, writing is a skill that you can forever benefit from... whether you want to become a full-time freelance copywriter or simply want to use it to financially support a side hustle, grow a business, or have the peace of mind in knowing that you can ALWAYS earn extra cash when you need it.

This program takes ALL of the guesswork out of the process, so you know exactly what to do, in order, how to do it, and are fully supported with me as your mentor and a community of other go-getters who GET your entrepreneurial drive and cheer you on.

P.S. Want a look inside? Watch the preview below:

Building an Online Business That Can Travel With Her

Jeannelle recently transitioned out of a career in administration and non-profits to build a content-writing business that enables her to travel with her family and balance motherhood with business.

From Coach to Content Writer & Creating More Schedule Freedom

Sarah transitioned her career as a private coach into content writing to be able to help more people, create more schedule flexibility, find clients more directly, and feel more creative in her business.

What makes Content Business Blueprint different?

There are millions of online courses out there. Content Business Blueprint is different. Here's why.


I know, I know—there are hundreds of gurus out there selling courses about selling courses. To be honest, I resisted making this program because I didn't want to be confused with them. But the truth is, I created a successful content marketing agency generating multiple 6 figures in revenue without selling a single course or product—just working with clients as I teach in this program.

I have 15 years of experience in the content marketing industry. I've worked my way up from charging $20 per hour to $50, $75, and even $100. I've managed teams of writers for international companies and written digital marketing curriculums for public companies. I have contributed to Ad Age and HuffPost, personally pitching Arianna Huffington myself. I have been on both sides of the industry—hiring freelance copywriters inside companies AND getting hired as a freelance copywriter by companies.

So the more I thought about, the more I realized: I didn't want you to learn this from ANYONE else! I live and breathe the life that copywriting has given me AND I absolutely love mentoring others. I didn't create this course because I needed to for my bottom line—I created this course because I WANTED to help more people achieve this freedom and the life of their dreams.


There are dozens of courses out there about how to write. That's the FIRST part of the equation. But if you want to build a successful business, get your dream clients AND earn premium rates, you also need to learn how to position yourself. This program teaches you how to curate work samples, improve your writing and editing, master content strategies so you can command higher rates, create a polished portfolio, and get a steady stream of work from multiple channels—week by week, step by step.


There are a lot of copywriters charging $15/hour for their services and having to work around the clock to make ends meet. But the truth is, brands are willing to pay good money IF you can demonstrate your expertise AND be a partner to them—not just as a writer, but as an expert who understands content strategy. In this course, you learn how to position yourself to charge up to $100/hour, which means you could make 6 figures per year working 20 hours or less per week.




Through the program, you gradually develop a portfolio of work samples. While creating a portfolio may sound overwhelming, in this program you are guided through the process week by week, so by the end of the program you have a polished portfolio with personalized feedback for the best product possible.


While creating work samples and mastering your craft as a writer takes dedication and commitment, every week you are given another way to find clients. This program is designed to be a mix of education AND action, so you don't have to wait until the end to get your first paying gig—but can experience success even before you're done with the program. (And you can pay for the ENTIRE program in literally a few hours of work.) Clients regularly get their first paying clients DURING the program because it's designed to work as soon as you put the lessons into practice.


Most online programs give you access to a course without any one-on-one feedback. But because I am so passionate about really helping you improve your writing skills and create work samples that sell, this program includes an optional weekly LIVE 1-hour group coaching call with ME where you can get your questions answered. You also receive custom feedback from me personally on your work samples (not from outside student coaches) so you know exactly how to improve and create the best portfolio possible.


While we can talk all day about this program's uniqueness, what you will find is that I truly care. I created this program because I loved mentoring my team of writers and wanted to see more people experience the same success and freedom.

I know what it's like to feel stuck inside corporate America or struggle to get a business off the ground. To yearn to see the world, to have adventure, to create a life of unforgettable experiences, impact, and financial abundance.

Copywriting gave me all of that. If you take this program, you'll not only be able to experience that, but me cheering on your success.

Because this program is done live, with a group, you also get access to an incredible cohort of people who understand what it's like to want more for their life, to take risks, and to invest in themselves to build the life of their dreams. You are one of them!

These students joined the course feeling overwhelmed by the process of writing and starting a business, and found repeatable systems, straight-forward processes, and a path out of procrastination!

Confidence in writing and brand-new portfolio website

Path to earning the same income as in corporate America

Repeatable systems and knowing exactly where to start

Even an experienced writer learning ways to simplify the process

Now... it's your turn!


Content Overview

Content Business Blueprint will take you step-by-step through the process of honing your writing, developing work samples and a portfolio, and getting clients in 8 weeks.

The program is packed with content, but is broken down into simple, weekly actionable steps, bite-size videos, and templates that you can work through at your own pace.

Writing Mastery

Whether you're a new writer or feel confident in your writing abilities, learn how to improve your writing, write in different formats, and help brands achieve their strategic objectives. Writing isn't a talent but a SKILL that can be learned. I train writers every day in my content agency, so I know what takes people from beginner to pro.

Editing Essentials

Like writing, editing is a skill that can be taught, learned, and mastered. Learn what to look for when editing to easily spot spelling, grammar, and formatting errors. Also learn a step-by-step process for editing that transforms it from overwhelming to simple (and even kinda fun).

Portfolio + Work Samples

Gradually develop work samples as you hone your writing and editing skills in a variety of formats. By the end of the program, have a polished portfolio with personalized feedback to stand out from the competition.

Client Acquisition

Each week, apply simple client acquisition strategies so you can get your first paying clients—often even before finishing the program. Set up multiple acquisition channels so you always have a steady income AND feel confident and secure knowing you can always easily make money.

Content Strategy

What sets apart an average writer from an in-demand writer able to charge premium rates is having a sense of the strategy that brands are looking for. Learn the basics of SEO and other content strategies that take you from average to advanced.

Become an Expert in Anything

Once you know how to quickly research a subject to become an expert in it, you widen your client pool and can sound like an expert. This simple process teaches you how to understand AND MASTER any new industry.

Live Weekly Coaching Calls

Gain support, ask questions, troubleshoot challenges, and practice new skills during live weekly coaching calls with me and other students in the program. Tap into an instant community of other like-minded entrepreneurs changing their life for the better.

Personalized Feedback

Get custom feedback on your actual writing samples so you can improve your writing skills and sell yourself in the best light possible. No other course offers this much custom feedback but it's important to me that you grow and come away with the strongest portfolio possible.

Content Business Blueprint gives you everything you need to make 6 figures as a content writer.

It doesn't matter if you're not much of a writer.

You learn how to write AND how to improve, even if you're a decent writer already. Writing is not a talent but a SKILL that can be taught step-by-step. I teach you the exact same way that I do the writers in my agency, so you go from being an average writer to a proficient one. You will learn exactly what to look for to edit your work, bust through writer's block, write in several formats (blog, social media, etc.) AND charge premium rates for your services.

It doesn't matter if you struggle with technology.

One of the best parts about copywriting is that you don't need a ton of stuff to get started. No fancy website, no expensive software. If you've got a laptop and internet connection, that's all you need. Everything else, you learn in easy-to-understand tutorials. Anything you have questions about, you can ask me personally during live weekly Q&A sessions.

It doesn't matter if you're busy.

You can work through the program at your own pace and grow your freelance business as fast or slow as you want. This program is designed to give you the freedom to work on your own schedule and to CREATE more time in your life, but you will never get it until you take the leap, make a change, and BEGIN!

When I first started dreaming of leaving corporate America, I couldn't see the answer staring me right in the computer screen. I thought the answer might be...

Network marketing. But I knew that to make REAL money, I would have to build a massive community. And I just didn't feel I just wasn't the gal who could confidently cold-sell products in DMs.

Virtual assistant work. But there was part of me that felt like I would still be beholden to another boss, urgent tasks, and frequent communications. I wanted to have complete control over my time, ownership of my work, and be able to scale up or down any time.

Coaching. I actually did this, becoming a wellness coach (another passion of mine) for a period of time. And while I loved helping others, the more successful I became, the more my calendar filled up with back-to-back calls. I had my own business, but I was in more meetings than before I left corporate America. I wanted to find a way to make a difference AND create freedom in my life.

Another business. In corporate America, for some reason I felt like I had to come up with my own new business idea in order to leave. But starting a business from scratch takes a TON of time to figure out, and left me in debt even though I was working nonstop. In fact, it was freelance writing that enabled me to sustain myself as I grew my coaching practice—and to get out of debt in months.




  • I wanted to be able to have a business and brand that felt like my own, where I was the boss and in charge of my day.
  • I wanted to have a balanced life where I didn't just work, but had time and energy to go to the gym, host dinner parties, go on dates with my husband, take weekend getaways, and rest when I needed to... without feeling guilty or more behind.
  • I knew that the more money good people earned, the more good they could do in the world. I wanted to make so much money that I wasn't just getting by—but was able to create a big, beautiful life for myself and my family. I wanted to give to others, to invest, and to always have more than enough.
  • I wanted to feel secure knowing I could make money no matter what on my own. That I wouldn't have to choose between a corporate prison or a struggling bank account.
  • I wanted to travel the world. I wanted to surf in Australia, to watch the sunset in Santorini, to be able to live and work from anywhere I chose—not just on 10 vacation days per year but to create a life full of memories and experiences DAILY.

So, I honed my skills, created a portfolio, learned how to get clients, and began earning $50, $75, and even $100 per hour. I paid off my debt, earned six figures my first year, and scaled from there.


After following the steps in Content Business Blueprint, you will have a beautiful portfolio, compelling work samples, a process for getting clients, and a process to scale your income and impact with ease.

These students joined the course wondering if they could get clients, and within weeks, already had several consults, clients, and growing businesses!

5 client leads in first 2 weeks of course

Getting paid $100/hour while still taking course

Multiple new clients while still taking the course

Mastering the mindset of being a copywriter AND 2 new clients

From Corporate Contracts to Content Writer

Kristen began charting her path to being her own boss during a successful career in corporate and contracts. She navigated a full-time job while building her client base and portfolio in the course.

Turning a Writing Background into a Profitable Business

Stephanie was already a solid writer, having majored in English! She took the course to learn the business side, as well as additional strategies like SEO to make her even more valuable to clients.

On a personal note...

I remember how scary it was to invest in my first program. It was more than I had ever spent on anything and I had butterflies up until the moment I clicked "Register".

But that program changed my life. That program taught me a new way of thinking AND being. It put me on a new trajectory for my future. It gave me a community of others changing their lives for the better. It showed me a way to get where I wanted to go YEARS ahead of what I could've pieced together on my own.

I knew I was taking a risk, but to me the risk of regret was scarier.

I stopped viewing coaching as an EXPENSE and looked at it as an INVESTMENT.

I considered not only the cost of investing—but the cost of NOT investing.

Had I stayed waiting, I would still be sitting, years later, in that same office, working for that same job, doing work that drained me mentally and burned me out physically. To this day, I am thankful I went for it, even when it wasn't easy.

I worked hard. I found ways to make it work. I prioritized my hopes over my fears. Even when I was scared. Even when I was busy. Even when I was tired. I made a decision to create a better future. And even though it felt far off then, only a few years later, I live it.

And THIS is what I want for you. Content Business Blueprint is not just a writing course—it's a program to completely change your life. It's a proven model to get clients that works, no matter where you're starting. Making $100 per hour, you can earn back your investment in a few HOURS of work. (Imagine that as a new normal!) But it takes you wanting and believing in a new future enough to go for it.

After that, I'm here to teach you, support you, and cheer for you every step of the way.

freedom is calling... are you ready?!


Frequently Asked Questions

Evolving Her Online Business to Include Copywriting

Leanne is a busy mother of two who began her online business two years ago in the virtual assistance space. She took the course to add content writing to her services and expertise!

Replacing a High-Paying Career in Sales as Her Own Boss  

Lauren has a successful career in healthcare sales, but took the course to create another income stream for more freedom in her career and day-to-day life.

Want a blueprint to freedom?

You can earn back your investment in just a few DAYS of work once you learn the skills in this program! 
Your life can look completely different in just a few months by taking action today.


 Questions? Send a message: [email protected]