L E A R N   F R O M   A   T R A I N E D   J O U R N A L I S T !

Content Writer Starter Kit

Did you know you can generate thousands per month writing content for businesses like blog posts, social media, email newsletters, and web copy? Whether you desire to create another income stream or become an online business owner, freelance writing offers:

  • Location freedom
  • Schedule flexibility
  • Creative fulfillment
  • Financial independence

In this free Starter Kit, learn why freelance writing is one of the simplest, fastest routes to more freedom, fulfillment, and income... plus the most important steps to get started today — with or without experience!

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Hi, I'm Jessica Johnson! 

After over a decade in corporate America, I made the leap into freelance writing. I was able to not only replace my 9 to 5 income, but double it the first year. I gained the ability to work from anywhere—co-working offices in Barcelona, coffee shops in Amsterdam, cafes in Paris.

More than anything, I loved the freedom I received from content writing. I was able to become my own boss, to choose work that felt meaningful to me, and to own my schedule. I no longer had to choose between work, family, health, and experiences—I could have it all. And so can you! 

I wanted to be able to share this feeling—this freedom—with everyone. And that's where this Content Writer Starter Kit arose. In it, I share what I wish I would've known before becoming a freelance writer. How to begin developing a personal brand, choose a niche, test your idea, determine your rates, and more.

In other words, how to create Full-time FreedomWhether that's freedom to have more time with your family, pay off debt, create more wiggle room financially, work when you choose, or whatever freedom looks like to you!

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